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roll Formed sheet metal

roll Formed sheet metal

Special machines for working on roll-formed sheet metal (cutting/ shearing and cranking/curving process).

Common specifications :

  • Rustic, simple and very robust machines, adapted to the context of the Building industry.
  • Versability : all the common profiles can be machined on the machine : the cassette tool (are Mecan’Outil exclusivel) can be changed by a sole man, without any means of handling, and thus in less than 1 minute.
  • Cutting quality very superior to the widely used alternative technologies (grindstone cutting) above all sensitive its corrusion resistance.
  • High productivity : Pay-Back is generaly shorter than 2 years.
  • The experience of several hundreds of machines and cassettes.

Mécan’Outil has developped a whole range of equipments adapted to the field of the roll-formed sheet.

  • Unstacking devices to supply machines from roll-formed sheets stacks.
  • Stackers devices, to make up stacks of roll formed sheets downstream from the machines.
  • Machines and tools for the realization of metal roofing accessories : ridges, dripstones, ventilation slots, profile closers, angle cuttings.

After sales service :

  • MECAN’OUTIL proposes to carry out the general service of its tools and machines.
  • Spare parts are available at short notice.
  • Technical staff is always at users’disposal.