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Industrial tools

Industrial tools

These tools are designed for a better productivity in punching. They frequently work beside CNC machines, which are then used mostly for mid bar preps, the operator punching end bar preps while CNC is working.

Rate of production is usually increased by more than 100% compared to conventional tools. If preps were made on CNC, the improvement is even better: not only is punching a lot faster than machining, but some valuable machine capacity is freed, and labor cost is virtually free, as the operator has to stay beside the CNC machine. Payback is outstanding.

Main features:

  • Automatic cycle starts when a sensor is activated by the profile in position
  • Stroke counter (option) for production and maintenance monitoring
  • Improved ergonomics, according to customer requirement,
  • Automatic lubrication (option) needed for big production volume  some tools do more than 2000 cycles/day.
  • Pneumatic assistance for blank expulsion (option) this might be required if gravity is not 100% reliable.
  • As usual with MECAN OUTIL, components are pin located and interchangeable their ref number is stamped, maintenance is very easy and does not require any specific skill...
Presses designed for heavy duty:
  • PO 329
  • PO 529
  • POP 529
  • MD 825 IN
  • MD 1025 IN

These presses have been in production for many years, and are often used at a very high rate.

Maintenance is minimal.

  • Single base
  • Cycle counter
  • Guiding devices
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Pneumatic profile holder
  • Pneumatically assisted blank expulsion

Some of these options will only make sense for bigger production volumes