Mecan’Caddy : Handling trolley

Industrial trolley designed for the transport of the elements that make up roller shutters & garage doors : panels, slides, axes, chests and various accessories, making it easier to transfer between the various stations. (Ex: From the cutting area to the pre-assembly area, or from the pre-assembly station to the assembly tables and packaging…) It can be designed with 6, 8, 10 or 12 locations… The support arms are equipped with thermoformed brushes and high-strength polyamide fibers.


High manoeuvrability even under load: very easy transfer thanks to two fixed and two steerable wheels.
No risk of scratching the blades: self-cleaning thermoformed brush with separators, neoprene protection on vertical posts.
Long lifetime of brushes.
No need for maintenance.
Garage dorrs and roller shutters fabricators.