BMV 5: Mounting and control bench for finished roller shutters (traditional, renovated, checkout block on option)

This bench makes it possible to assemble all the elements of the shutter and to ensure quality control before packaging. 

Pseudo-slides can be adapted to all types of slides, with quick assembly and disassembly.

A system of rotation of the entire trunk at -90°, +90° allows easy mounting of the trunk on the cheeks in the right position for the operator.

An up and down system allows the shutter to be raised to height and tested with the slides. This ensures that the roller shutter is 100% functional.

Caractéristiques techniques
Rouleaux à l’arrière pour l’évacuation sans aucun portage du volet,
Table escamotable pour le montage ou pré-montage des joues.
Polyvalent and adaptable
Ensures optima qualitu thanks to the control bench