Hydraulic press MD 825/MD 1025

Hydraulic tool presses with a power of 8 or 10 T, designed for punching aluminium or steel profiles. These presses allow quick tool change.

The press table allows the central evacuation of the knockouts.

Options : A rotary table to manage up to 6 different tools, an electric PLC to carry out large series machining, a roller table with digital display stop, for optimal precision.

Rotary plate 6 positions
Technical features
Power : 10 000 daN (10 tons) for MD 1025, 8000 daN for MD 825.
Stroke : 25 mm.
Dimensions (L * l * h) : 435 * 590 * 631
High power
Important gooseneck that allows to pass tools for deep punching.

The presses MD 825 and 1025 adapt to all kind of punchings, particularly for joinery.