B2P : Aluminium slide drilling bench

Automatic machine to measure and drill the slides.

The slide is placed on the upstream table, or in the automatic loader (option). The machine measures the slide and simultaneously makes all the holes. (diameter 5 and 10). The number of holes and intervals are calculated by the PLC according to the length of the slide. 

Automatic Loader
Also available with cut to length (see TB2S)
Also available with the possibility of drilling two slides at the same time: see TB4
Technical characteristics

500 à 3500 mm

Power :

4 kW with loader, 3 kW without loader

2 drilling heads with converging heads
Ease of use and reliability:
Drilling Quality : no burrs, no risk of scratches
Reference faces taken up in milling for a rigorous geometry.

Areas of application
Manufacturers of roller shutters and all types of sun protection (blinds, screens...)