TB4S : Bench for drilling and cutting side rails in pairs

Automatic machine that cuts to length and drills all the holes in the slides, an automatic arm with a double clamp supports two slides. The machine, on both slides, makes a franking cut, measures, cuts to length and drills simultaneously in Ø 10 mm and Ø 5 mm.  The number of holes, as well as the intervals between the holes, are determined automatically, according to the length of the slides, the machine can work all types of slides, with a simple and fast passage from one type to another.

Technical Characteristics
Dimensions length*width*depth (mm)


Power :

10 kW

4 electric drilling heads, with converging heads
High productivity, thanks to working in pairs
Simplicity and speed

No burrs, no risk of scratches

Reference faces taken up in milling for a rigorous geometry.
Areas of application
Manufacturers of roller shutters and all types of sun protection (blinds, screens...)