PNC 15 : Automatic punching machine for any profile

Equipped with custom-made punching tools (up to 15) mounted on an automatic rotary table, the PNC 15 machine allows all machining operations to be carried out on any profile (joinery, boxes & roller shutter slides, etc.)

Interfaced with your CAMG, or by bar code scanning, the machine manages all the information in the batch. It tells the operator which profile to position and how. The axis and tool are positioned correctly to carry out the planned punching operations.

Without specific training, the operator can carry out his production plan quickly and without error.

Hydraulic or pneumatic press depending on the number of tools and power required.
Technical characteristics
Power : 2000 daN (pneumatic press) ou 5000 daN (hydraulic press).
Range : jusqu'à 40 mm.
Positioning stop adjustable by +/- 50 mm
Ease of use and reliability : the operator is fully guided.
Rapidity : the operations are carried out without any downtime thanks to the numerically controlled rotation.
Evolutive machine : the integration of new tools and programs is very simple.
Many combinations and variety of possible shapes : the machine is designed to use up to 15 tools.

Areas of application
Manufacturers of roller shutters and all types of sun protection (blinds, screens...)