Mecan’Airbag : Packing line for Roller shutters

Automatic packaging line for roller shutters or other long products : blinds, profile kits for sliding doors, pergolas…

The cardboard is positioned on pallet tilters. The operator scans a barcode or enters the type of creasing and the length rib, the machine automatically feeds the double or single flute carton, unwinds it to the right length, creases it, cuts it to length (automatic cutter) and takes the configured carton out on a preparation table that allows the operator to pack it effortlessly and safely. a more manual configuration can be proposed according to your needs (consult us)

Comfort and security for the operator.
Configurable according to your specificities.
The multi-position cylinder allows you to crease according to your needs: You only manage one cardboard reference.

Domaines d'application
Manufacturers of roller shutters but also blinds, pergolas, sliding door profile kits, etc.