MAT 5000 : Panels Assembling Machine

This machine allows the assembly and locking of roller shutter slats from aluminium or PVC slats already cut to length.

This machine is aimed at medium and large production manufacturers with a lot of diffuse production and who wish to optimize the offcuts.

This machine is equipped with an automatic flat loader.

Technical features
Width of slats

from  39 to 60 mm

Width of panels

from 500 to  5000 mm

Locking system

Clipping without additional material

Can deal up to 5 different slats
Time to change from one type of slat to another :

5 to 10 minutes

Fiability and robustness
Easy programmation with touch screen
Low cost of use because no material is needed to fix the slats together.
Multi purpose machine (Alu and PVC)

Areas of application
Roller shutters manufacturers