TGV: Automatic machine for the production of panels by clipping

Automatic machine that cuts to length, threads and staples the slats.

The stop in translation is carried out by machining one of the ends of the slat, then by clipping, without adding material, which guarantees the homogeneity of the panel.

The TGV can work on both aluminium and PVC slats.

The slats are loaded in bundles on the automatic loader. The loader has a double magazine, for example to handle openwork and non openwork slats.

Switching from one slat to the other is quick and easy, just change the gigs.


Technical features
width of slats

from 37 to 100 mm

Width of panels

from  500 to  4000 mm

Principle of locking


Can deal up to 5 different slats
Time to change from one type of slat to another :

5 to 10 minutes

Gigs are easy to change

Manufacturers of roller shutters