RKS 6 Automatic machine to assemble and lock aluminium slats

This machine allows the assembly and locking of roller shutter aluminium slats

This machine is designed for medium and large production manufacturers looking for maximum productivity.

The slats are cut and assembled two by two.

This machine is equipped with an automatic loader allowing to manage automatically the perforated and non perforated blades.

Roller shutters manufacturers
Technical features
Slats :


Slats sizes

from 35 to 60 mm

Minimum width of panel :

500 mm

Maximum width of panel

3 500 mm

Locking system

Insertion & crimping of end caps

Dayly production

between 80 & 150 panels per day

Time to change slats :

10 minutes

Can accept 2 different slats
Machine instructions

data entry , PC interface or barcode

Fiability & solidity
Easy programming with touch screen
Very efficient crimping of end-caps
Dobble roll for increased productivity