Interchangeable tools

The interchangeable punching tools allow to carry out machining in all types of profiles : sliding, frame, striking…

They are designed according to your specific needs, and your own ranges… They can be adapted either on a PO/POP 529 type pulling press, or on a MD 825/ MD 1025 gooseneck press…

The handling of the tools is very easy, thanks to a very high resistance aluminium structure tool design. The part references are systematically engraved, they are pinned, their replacement does not require qualified personnel.

MECAN’OUTIL uses steels and treatments that allow maximum service life… In option, the tools can be delivered with, waste box, PLC, servant… 


Custom-made conception, totally fitted to your requirements
Optima ergonomy : all stations are on the same level
Tools easy to change (SMED)
Reliable and robust tools

System designers : these tools can be made in series
Industrial joinery : unique tools developped on demand