JYFA : Sawing centre for all profiles

Automatic machine for cutting all elements of roller shutters: boxes, slat packs, slides… Available in a manual or an automatic version… Equipped

with a V-table and universal presses, the JYFA saw ensures optimal precision and cutting quality even for boxes…

As an option, the machine can be equipped with a PC panel, a digital stop, and a suction system.

Digital stop
Panel PC
Suction system
Cutting quality and accuracy . Automatic presses allow a better axis positioning during cutting
Security : the operating saw is inaccessible and the machine is fully protected.
Successful system for chip recovery. The workstation remains clean.
Easy blade replacement.

Areas of application
All types of aluminium or PVC profiles: boxes, slat packs, slides, leeway block boards, final slats... for the manufacture of roller shutters and all types of solar protection.