JYFAX : automatic saw to cut the axes

Automatic machine for cutting the axes of roller shutters or steel reinforcements, with preparation of the end caps. Equipped with a 10 position

loader and an upstream table,

The machine cuts the axes at the correct length, in accordance with the characteristics of the loaded batch, and the cut tubes are automatically pushed to the downstream table, which is an integral part of the machine.

Axis equipment bench: fixing the end caps, motor or springs
Fully automatic machine, the operator is available for work in masked time (e. g. axis equipment)
cutting quality and accuracy . Automatic presses allow a better positioning of the axis during the cutting process
Safety: the moving saw is inaccessible and the machine is fully protected.
Micro oil spraying to optimize the lifespan of the belt, but the shaft remains clean.

Technical characteristics
All types of axes, diameters from 45 to 80 mm, length up to 7 metres
5/2-way valve block for controlling the various cylinders.
Maximum length 12 m