CD 550 : Sawing centre for all profiles

Cutting machine for all roller shutter elements: boxes, slat packs, slides, final slats…, ideal for medium production manufacturers… The operator

manually lowers the saw blade with a balanced arm. The machine is equipped with a V-table and universal presses to ensure optimal  positioning and good cutting quality. As an option, the CD 550 can be equipped with a motorized stop, an air blower gun  (if motorized stop) and a suction system.

motorized Stop
Air blower gun
Suction system
Cutting quality and accuracy. Automatic presses allow a better axis positioning during cutting
Security : the operating saw is inaccessible and the machine is fully protected. The change of the cutting disc is facilitated by a rotation locking system of the motor shaft.
Successful system for chip recovery. The workstation remains clean.

Areas of application
Manufacturers of medium production roller shutters, blind manufacturers, tarp blinds, screens.