JYFAT : automatic tunnel box saw

Sawing bench for roller shutter tunnel boxes (brick cladding, wood, etc.) While limiting sound effects, the JYFAT machine is available in manual or automatic version. A system for detecting the reinforcement prevents sawing at these spots. Roller tables, upstream and downstream of the saw, allow the box to be advanced and then evacuated.

Optionally, the Jyfat can be equipped with an automatic stop, a suction system, a tunnel box dressing station downstream (with direct ejection from the machine), and a delamination tool for the passage of the plaster.

Areas of application
Tunnel boxes with compressed fibres, polystyrene, chipboard facing, brick facings, with various reinforcements..., half lintel boxes and BSO.
Acoustics: Silent disc specially developed for this application, and use of absorbent foams
Cutting quality and accuracy
Safety: the operating saw is inaccessible and the machine is fully protected. Multiple suction ports for good dust and chip evacuation.
Modular machine